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Remembering Dad

| July 13, 2010

I have a bundle of things to do today, but I am barely treading water. The reason is that my father died on July 13, 1979, 31 years ago today. Somehow, that 31 years seems like a long time, but the events seem like they happened yesterday. James Austin Yearnd, Sr., 1927-1979 I remember the […]

Honoring My Mother

| November 20, 2009

Mother left us for a better place on June 6, 2007. I was fine for a while, and the not fine, and then fine. I rode the roller coaster of life and found joy in daily routine, family and friends, my garden and my genealogical research. A year ago today we buried her ashes at […]

Not So Wordless Wednesday

| May 20, 2009

This week I have chosen to post a class photo which was included in my Grandmother’s things. There is no year or other clue in this photo to help me decide the year it was taken. It would be one of the elementary schools in Cadillac, Michigan. The schools were named for the wards from […]

Not so Wordless Wednesday

| April 15, 2009

For the most recent scanfest, I scanned photos from a small black leather book.  The book was passed on to me, and had been among my father’s things.  I have been puzzled about the books contents, but I am more convinced now that the photos were taken by my grandparents, William and Winnie (Kaiser) Yearnd.  […]

Not so Wordless Wednesday

| March 18, 2009

Well, here I go again.  Today’s words are about my paternal grandmother, Winnie Alice (Kaiser) Yearnd. In this photo she is sitting at the dining room table in her home at 703 E. Division, Cadillac.  That is also the place my family lived from about 1958 until my parents divorced and I moved away to […]