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Here’s to Summer

| December 3, 2008

These are garden photos I haven’t had time to post.  They are from July 22. Another view of the back yard from a ladder. Rhubarb in the foreground, tomatoes behind.  On the right of the Rhubarb are some raspberries. From a distance.  Left climbing the fence, cucumbers, then green beans, lettuce, carrots, beets, then the […]

Not Much – But a Summer Photo

| December 2, 2008

You probably won’t hear much from me for the rest of the week. S-Dad has an eye appointment tomorrow. I need to do some shopping, some cooking, some baking and get ready for a fun weekend with our family. Right now, I sewing some dresses for my granddaughters. I need to finish them and clean […]

A Little Done, a Good Weekend

| October 20, 2008

Someone sent me an e-cookbook of “taste-alike” recipes.  So, Papa says, “Does if have Steak-n-Shake Chili”.  I look, and it does.  That was Saturday morning, and Saturday night we had it for dinner, with our apple pie.  Papa said it was the same, and he loved it.  I didn’t like it so much, but it […]

Morning Glorious

| September 8, 2008

This spring, we dug out some older climbing roses and planted Morning Glories in their place. GD2 was here when I set out the plants. They weren’t doing to well, so I bought some seeds, soaked them, and added them to the ground. On June 11, when I took this picture, the were very small […]

More Garden Pics

| September 7, 2008

Here are how my peonies this spring, on May thirtieth. Remember when I was talking about a new flower bed. Well, improved, anyway. It is right there, in front of the peonies. I must have been tired or disgusted, check out where I left the shovel! Here is another view of the bed, from the […]

Don’t Do This!

| September 6, 2008

I had a little problem with the plants that Papa started this year, they just didn’t do well after I set them out. I didn’t have a clue what the problem was. Then I dug around a little. Here it is: Last fall we got some cute little pellet like things at the home improvement […]

Garden Pictures – Finally!

| September 3, 2008

Stuff goes on, and things take time. We’ve had a good garden year, but the rain stopped about a month ago, and everything is dying now. Things didn’t start out smoothly, either, but the middle portion of the summer was good to the grass, the garden and the trees. I did keep track with some […]

Tomatoes, Still Tomatoes

| September 3, 2008

I’m buried in tomatoes.  I canned some more yesterday, but I’m pretty done with that.  And tired of it, too.  I’m going to peel the ripe ones and make another batch of salsa.  We eat it on everything when it’s available.  It’s actually more like Pico de Gallo.  D1 introduced me to a recipe from […]

Cluck Old Hen

| July 30, 2008

Papa and I went out to the garden last night, and picked many cucumbers and zucchini. We also cut a lot of lettuce, and pulled a few carrots and beets. I picked one cabbage to eat, I enjoy slaw this time of year. I was able to give some cucumbers away, but we are overrun […]


| July 9, 2008

So, Papa and I spent most of the past few days in the yard and garden. It took a lot of catching up from our trip. He mowed, I hoed. I pulled weeks, he tilled. We’re almost caught up. Did I tell you I canned some green beans? I also cut a bunch of rhubarb […]