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Not So Wordless Wednesday

| May 20, 2009

This week I have chosen to post a class photo which was included in my Grandmother’s things. There is no year or other clue in this photo to help me decide the year it was taken. It would be one of the elementary schools in Cadillac, Michigan. The schools were named for the wards from […]

Not So Wordless Wednesday, Happy Anniversary to D2 and S-in-L

| May 13, 2009

I had to look back to see how long it had been. Fourteen years ago on May 13th, 1995, the happy couple were married. They’ve had their challenges, as all families do, but they’ve hung in there and put first things first for all this time. Several years ago, when their children were visiting me, […]

Not so Wordless Wednesday

| April 29, 2009

I checked over the yard and garden Tuesday, after our last heavy rain. Papa and I worked hard to finish replacing the edging on the hollyhock bed, and it looks fine. I am glad to have this job done, it wasn’t an easy one. By Monday night, the garden had started to dry out a […]

April Fool!

| April 1, 2009

Granny is the April Fool, after writing a (Not so) Wordless Wednesday post on TUESDAY. Sorry to yell, I’m reminding myself what day it is today. This crazy result is justice, I got exactly what I deserve for following convention. I’ve never been a good follower, the problem is, I am not a gracious leader […]

Not so Wordless Wednesday- Cadillac Ice Storm 1922

| March 31, 2009

Another Scanfest, another batch of photos to choose from! Thanks to Miriam for again doing a wonderful job hosting us all. The little book I scanned was among some things left in a box in my garage years ago. A step-son of my step-mother brought them, and told one of our daughters, these belong to […]

Not so Wordless Wednesday

| March 25, 2009

Another in a series about Me, Myself and I. Today, I’m sharing the stage with Dad and B1. In this one, Dad is holding me. I look a little like him, I guess. Not as much as my sister, who is really the image of Dad when he was young. Here are B1 with me […]

Not so Wordless Wednesday

| March 18, 2009

Well, here I go again.  Today’s words are about my paternal grandmother, Winnie Alice (Kaiser) Yearnd. In this photo she is sitting at the dining room table in her home at 703 E. Division, Cadillac.  That is also the place my family lived from about 1958 until my parents divorced and I moved away to […]

Not so Wordless Wednesday

| March 4, 2009

OK, another post from the treasure trove of photos of me, myself, and I. I will be including other family members as I go along, but I’m a first child, and most of them are me, me, me. Over on an e-mail list I read, this is called “shameless self promotion”, SSP. Shay-Ron over at […]

Not So Wordless Wednesday

| February 25, 2009

I know this isn’t my Genealogy blog, but this isn’t exactly a genealogy post. I became acquainted with Wordless Wednesday as a geneablogger, but Wordless Wednesday is used by other bloggers as well. S-Dad passed on a book of photos that Mom had saved for me, or for herself, or whatever. There aren’t a lot, […]