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Day to Day

| September 17, 2008

I’m managing from a list again.  I am having trouble focusing, due to the troubles down south. The coverage this morning included distribution problems for supplies in Houston; inability of people to get to Galveston to survey their property and the cancellation of the “look and leave” policy; cattle wondering all over and even being […]

Oakland Community College Bluegrass Series

| August 23, 2008

The line-up for this year’s Oakland Community College Bluegrass Series has been announced. The best news about this announcement is that the performances will be held at in Royal Oak this year, after a several year hiatus. The location is the Lila Jones Theater at 739 South Washington, Royal Oak, MI 48067. The concerts begin […]


| July 23, 2008

Wednesday, and nothing is done. Well, perhaps I’m wrong. The fridge is clean. Papa and I started some sweet pickles last night, they’re in brine in a crock in the basement. Lex is packed, kind of, I have to finish this morning. I got my eyes checked, and needed new glasses. They’ll be here soon. […]

A Little Something to Listen to Today

| May 28, 2008