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Long Gone

| February 18, 2011

Yes, I have been MIA. I am back, but probably not as regularly as I should be. What is up? Life, I guess. I haven’t accomplished as much as I would like this winter, but something about the touch of spring we have had lately has energized me. Not all the way to “Energizer Bunny” […]

Home Again

| February 8, 2009

We had a nice visit with M-in-L over the weekend, and ate some good food.  She’s been a little under the weather, but seems to be improving.  Since her back has been bothering her, I helped out a little with some chores.  Did me good to think I might be helping a little. We stopped […]

Yellow Flowers All Over

| April 7, 2008

Last spring was D2’s families first in Kalamazoo, they had moved in the fall just before school began.  GD1 was just 4 years old when they moved, and didn’t have a firm concept of places and their names.  She knew the name of her old town and school, and learned the names of her new […]

What’s your answer

| April 6, 2008

If your work area looked like this, what would you do? What I did was go outside and work on the yard. We finally had a nice weather day. The ditches by the road got raked, the weed and feed got spread. And I was rewarded with this:

Dirty or Clean??

| March 17, 2008

For some reason, the sun casts a different light in the spring. I can see cob webs, smudges, dust and other offensive things so much better in the spring. I want to clean everything, and NOW. It’s not happening, but I did do my usual Monday “stuff”. The house is vacuumed. The bed is changed. […]