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| March 13, 2009

Want new flooring, and a new paint job? A couple of days on my project, and you won’t! Wednesday I moved stuff all over, covered up what was left and painted the living room ceiling. The I taped the trim, vacummed the walls and got ready to paint them. Those activities were after a trip […]

Right Now

| March 12, 2009

To the person in charge of snow: Stop it! RIGHT NOW! D1 told me to stop it, but I’m not in charge. So, she said to find the person who is. I’m to busy to search, so I’m sending this message. Back to painting, and I also have a carpet to pull up and cut […]

Doin’ Anything?

| February 27, 2009

I have had a slow week.  I did finish painting the bathroom, and I put some of the items back yesterday.  But the towels are still in the living room, I think the painted shelf needs a few more days to dry out before putting things on it.  The door also needs painting.  Papa will […]

A Little Project

| January 27, 2009

We bought this house sixteen or seventeen years ago when we came to the Detroit area. At that time, D1 was married and living “up north”, D2 was beginning her last year of high school, and D3 was a freshman in high school. We had a house in our old home town that we hadn’t […]