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Speak English?

| February 15, 2008

A call center needs employees.  I was on the phone with someone for almost an hour today, and I’m still not sure they understood me.  They did keep saying they were sorry, and that was true, they are sorry.  I guess I can’t tell you what company, they might sue me.  I told Papa I needed a mixed […]

In Memory

| February 14, 2008

Frank Burns was a good old boy, one of the best of that kind.  He had his opinions, but he wouldn’t hurt a flea and he spread a lot of love.  GS3 was camping with us at Whispering Winds, known to some Michigan bluegrass fans as Wendy Smith’s place.  It was the July 4th festival, 2003.  […]

A Little Drive

| January 24, 2008

I headed over to Kalamazoo today, to retrieve our three “little” grandchildren. It’s a happy occasion, Sesame Street Live is playing at the Fox Theater. Since the oldest of the “little” grandchildren was 3 or so, I or we or whoever have made one of those shows with some combination of them. the year GD2 […]

Growing Up?

| January 22, 2008

D2 called last night to let me know that GD2 had ambition, perhaps more than we realized.  The cute little one was wearing a dress that I made for her older sister.  D2 said, how big you’re getting, to wear this dress Grandma made.  GD2 replied, “Soon I will grow big enough to wear Grandma’s […]