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More Plain English

| March 28, 2009

For all my friends who need to understand, Common Craft does it again! This is, “Computer Software in Plain English”. I wish these simple explanations were around when my Mom was asking, “How does it work?”  Really, she needed to know every detail.  She had one of those minds that couldn’t just accept, she probed […]

More Plain English

| September 20, 2008

Here’s another of Common Craft’s wonderful Videos.  This one,  Social Media in Plain English, is a pretty good take on something that can be very hard to explain. Those who have been using the web in this way for a while came to understand this without an explanation.  The rest of you can watch and […]

Plain English

| September 19, 2008

Remember Common Craft?  Here’s another of there wonderful films; this time about blogs.  I guess those of us that have internet, and poke around a little had this canned.  I wish there were a way to get all the interested, yet uninformed, people out there to check this out. I don’t have a cute tagtline […]

Common Craft, Tech Training for Granny

| August 22, 2008

I ran across a cool website a couple of months ago. It belongs to a company which makes training videos for clients, some of whom are in high tech industries. The interesting thing is; the company has several videos available to help people like me, that need a simple explanation to understand how certain things […]