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FTC Compliance

Although I would prefer to let you think for yourselves as I do, the FTC requires that I make disclosure about influences that might affect the content of this blog.  This is mostly about money and favors, so if you want to send some money to me, or do me some favors, I will disclose them here on the page as soon as I receive same. It is also about advertising and compensation paid for opinions.  Since I believe most of my readers are smart enough to know an advertisement when they see it, I will keep this fairly simple.

I write for my own entertainment and satisfaction, and I am happy to take you if you wish to go along for the ride.  Since I write from my own satisfaction, you can be assured that I will give my own opinion.  No one pays me to think, I also do that for my own satisfaction. If you want to pay me to think…(Oh, never mind)

I do not make money from writing my opinions on this blog, and I do not have advertising links on this blog from which I may make the big bucks everyone some people think bloggers make.

I make some money hosting, designing and maintaining websites, so if I blog about one of my customers, I will disclose that they are my customer in that post.  If you want to pay to be my customer… (Oh never mind)

Papa, my partner and husband, has made some money selling photographs he takes.  If I write about someone who has paid him for a photo, I will disclose that in the post.

When we post his photographs, we include a copyright statement which lists his website.  That may be advertising, but we do not get paid to advertise for ourselves.  If you want to pay us to advertise for ourselves…(Oh, never mind)

Now you know where I stand, and I feel much better.  Hope you do too!

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