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Zucchini Bread for Zoo Week

Papa and I have reached the time of summer which I sometimes call garden time. Or, gosh I’m tired. Last night, GD1 and GS3 helped Papa pull out the pea plants, collect the pods and shell the peas. I was trying to clean up after some baking, and some dinner.  I baked zucchini bread in the afternoon, and it was so popular, I had little to put away.

I had almost finished when I heard a yell from the backyard. GD2 was yelling, “Grandma, there was a deer in your garden!!”   My regular readers may remember a photo from the past.  I wasn’t surprised to know we had deer around, that’s for sure.

I went out, and asked, “Did you see it?” She said no, and took me to investigate.  Papa pointed out the tracks, which went all down the carrot row, and wandered around other delicacies.  BIG TRACKS, for a deer.  Nothing was eaten, this time.  I’m glad it didn’t eat anything, and I hope it doesn’t come back soon.

I picked the remainder of the beans, which Papa had started.  2 baths, 2 showers, more dishes, bed.  We survived day one of zoo camp, one down, 4 to go!

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