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Garden Troubles

I’ve had more problems than usual with my vegetable garden this year.  We had to replant the lettuce and the carrots.  The beets came up pretty spotty.  A few of our tomatoes suffered frost damage, and some tomatoes just died, don’t know why.  To top it all off, a few days ago, 12+ broke off the the huge wind and rain storm we had here. Papa and I found some more last night, and I’m planting them today.

I also had poor luck with some perennial seeds I tried to start indoors.  A few days ago, Papa brought me more seed, and I threw it directly into the ground.

The trees and the lawn are loving the huge rainfalls we’ve had.  I haven’t heard anyone complaining about the lake heights, but there’s plenty of time left this summer.  Only a select few people are actually running their sprinkler systems around here.  We don’t have underground sprinklers and we never water the grass.  This year, a lot of areas are filling in and it’s looking pretty good.  The trees are happier than they’ve been in years.

I have a ton of photos on the progress of the garden, so I’ll post them later.

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