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Lincolnton, Georgia

I must say that the water levels are really down. Papa thinks the river might be 6 or 7 feet below the first time we were here, several years ago. It’s dusty in Georgia. We ran across some cows that got out last night. A sheriff was sitting by the side of the road with his lights on, so we slowly drove by, and didn’t hit any. They were loving the long grass by the road, I’ll bet they had their pasture eaten down low.

We enjoyed the show yesterday. All you praying people, please pray for Polly Lewis. She is able to get on stage and sing, but is having a harder time these days.  I was visiting with Janis, and Polly poked Miggie and pointed to me, so I know she recognized me and realized we had driven from Michigan.  I waved, but they were busy.  I’ll try to talk to her today. 

Elizabeth Long and her band did a good show, with Roy Lewis sitting in.  Her twin is playing bass in the band, talk about double takes!

Papa is working on his pictures, but these things take time.

I spoke briefly with Sista‘s  husband, Terry.  He is very proud of his children, and said the their daughter is having a lot of fun singing.  It was nice to see the band, he plays with, sounding fine.

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4 Responses to “Lincolnton, Georgia”

  1. sista says:

    Terry told me he saw you!

    I love the Lewis Family. One of these days, I want to go to Lincolnton.

  2. grannypam says:

    We finally made it home last night. If we can’t make one short little trip without being exhausted, I wonder how the bands do ti day after day, weekend after weekend.

  3. guppygibson says:

    Festival in Lincolnton was really great as always I enjoyed seeing you there we were there almost 2 weeks I am going back in August can’t wait

  4. grannypam says:

    We love going there too, what a relaxing visit.

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