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Dress fitting

Our “little” grandchildren arrived yesterday morning.  They hauled all their stuff in, and got on the discovering and rediscovering Grandma’s space.  I kept sewing.

D2 had found shoes, very cute Mary Janes with bows, and they match the dresses perfectly.  GD1’s petticoat was done first, she tried it, and said, “I won’t be able to fit through the door.” I put the dress on over it, and it looked fine. I stood her on the table, took a photo, and marked the hem.  GD2 looked and said, “You look like a beautiful princess!”, then looked at me and said, “Are their crowns for those dresses?”  I swear, I didn’t laugh,  I just said that they got flowers, not crowns.

GD2 looked equally stunning in hers, but she gives better poses.  She must watch a new channel called “Model TV”.  I can’t believe the gestures and poses she comes up with.  I didn’t mark her hem, since I had the petticoat put together wrong.  I ripped it out, and this morning I’ll do that, and the ties and overlays for the dresses.  With any luck  I’ll have the whole works done Friday.

In spite of all the sewing, we did manage some yard work.  They wanted the bikes, but I don’t think there is air in the tires.  I’ll probably have to check that today.

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