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The Good Old Days

Papa and friends

Some things are funny, or interesting, both.  This group, consisting of Tom, Herm, Papa, and Glenn (partly hidden) were living it up at a Christmas party for my place of employment in the 80’s.  They also worked there, but Papa was at a different building/division. Kris, Herm’s daughter, worked there also and took the photo.  She still works for a branch of the same company, as does Papa.  D3 thinks perhaps this was in the the mid 80’s.  I know I worked there when D1 got her driver’s license, let’s see, 38-16= 22 and 2008-22= 1986.  I have no idea exactly when this party was, but D3 has the date about the same as I do.  I also know I quit that job when we came to Detroit in the early 90’s.  We were marveling at Papa’s dark hair and moustache.  Very Dark.  Oh well.

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