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Monday, Monday

What a weekend.  D2 arrived on Friday night with GS3, and GD’s 1 and 2.  We had a nice evening, and everyone but GD3 went to bed early.  We could here her from our bedroom, “Wake up sister! Let’s have a tea party.  Want to have cucumber sandwiches? Let’s stay up all night!”.  I guess she finally did go to sleep, she was asleep when I got up.

Saturday was the big game between GS2’s team, the Troy Colts, and Southfield Lathrup.  We are sad that GS2 was injured in practice and can’t play, but happy that he will heal fine, and be able to play next year. 

It turned out to be a great day for Troy, it was sunny, the stands were full, the crowd was excited, and the game was won.  Papa’s pictures are here.  A district title for a high school team is quite an accomplishment.  We’ll be at Friday’s regional game at Warren Cousino, wish us luck!

Saturday morning before the game, I made GD2 a couple of pink nightgowns.  You really have to understand the background to get it.  She has a pink nightgown, which I made for Christmas a couple of years ago, but it isn’t pink anymore, having been washed a million or so times.  I just pulled out the pink flannel, cut out 2 easy nightgowns, and sewed, ignoring all else for a couple of hours.  She was so happy it was almost impossible to remove the nightgown to go to the game.

D2 drove home Saturday evening.  GD2 was pitching a fit when everything was finally loaded.  Since D2 had to gas up the van, so I jumped in to stay near the children while the gas was obtained and paid for.  When D2 emerged from the station, I just walked the block home to our house.  D2 called tonight to let me know that about halfway home, GD2 suddenly said, “We left grandma at the gas station!”.  That sure came out of left field, over an hour after the event.  Funny girl.

The Lions won.  No one around here know quite what to think., since it’s been a while since the Lions had any kind of season. 

So, back to the grind, and perhaps my energy will continue and I can get a little more done.

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