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Remember the cheer-leading, the endless Friday nights of football, the fun?  I had such a headache I couldn’t go to the game last week, I went to bed instead.  I’m fighting hard, but my sinus problems are horrible right now.  BUT… GS2’s team won and is eligible for the state playoffs this year!  Such a great thing for the kids.  I hope they win a few of those games.

My last HS football playoff experience was when D3 was in high school.  The team was in the playoffs when D3 was in high school, and even won a championship.  I remember being at the Silverdome that year, and how emotional it was for the students. 

And, I finished costume #1, the knight.  #2, the Princess is cut out, and #3, the mermaid is on my dining room table.  Back to the grind!

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