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US Army Aviation Museum

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The US Army Aviation Museum is a Fort Rucker, Alabama, just a short drive from Dothan. It has a large collection of army aircraft. There seemed to be emphasis on helicopters, including the first presidential helicopter.

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It was fascinating to look at the drones, especially since they have been in the news lately. There were several kinds, and only one resembled the one seen delivering an Amazon package in the YouTube video. Most of them looked like oversized remote control airplanes, probably because that is what they are.

A sobering part of our visit was the room which serves as a memorial to aviators killed in action in Southeast Asia during the Vietnam era.

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My genealogy brain clicked and I realized that one of our brother-in-law’s brothers should be listed. Sure enough, his name is listed on the wall. RIP SP4 Melvin Martz.

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It was a great day and we enjoyed seeing all the aircraft and other exhibits. As we toured the second level, there was a balcony which overlooked a scene showing a Vietnam era medivac chopper complete with a medic and patient. Visitors had thrown change into the chopper, and some had even made airplanes of dollar bills and floated them down.

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This is the third Army museum we have visited, and we have enjoyed each one. Don’t miss the museum at Fort Rucker if you are in the area.

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