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Museum of Florida History

This building houses the Museum, the Sate Archives and State library

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The museum of Florida History is located at 400 South Monroe Street, Tallahassee. A parking garage is adjacent, and it is a quick walk to the entrance. Admission is by donation. Be sure to get a parking token in the Museum store, a $5.00 savings. As suggested by the name, Florida’s history is the emphasis of the Museum. We enjoyed exhibits beginning with Florida’s First People through World War II. I found it interesting that Mastodons lived in Florida, as they did in our home state, Michigan. The lighter colored rib cage and tusks were replaced, however this is a very complete skeleton.

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I was very interested in the dug out canoes, and the manufacturing process. The dugouts were shaped by burning the centers out, and scraping out the charred wood. This process must have taken weeks.

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A later example had a a glass bottom.

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We had a great lunch in a deli adjacent to the Museum, The Egg Express. They offered fresh sandwiches with salad or chips and a drink. I noticed right away that my chicken salad sandwich did not have salt added. That was a happy thing, and I certainly enjoyed the croissant it was served on.

In the north, we are likely to see a corn sheller in museums. Here we saw two machines which were new to us, a bean sheller and a pea huller. Live and learn.

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We are familiar with car collections, since we are members are the Henry Ford in Dearborn. However, this electric car was one we had not previously seen.

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There were many artifacts on display. Loved the early coins recovered from Spanish galleons, and the early pottery recovered from Indian sites. The thatch huts used for shelter by early Florida people certainly differed from the teepees used in the north.

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We spend about three hours looking at the displays, but we probably could have lingered longer. Recommended if you are in the area.

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