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More About Eastbank Campground

Camping at Eastbank COE campground was great! We enjoyed walking around a circuit along with many other temporary residents. Seminole Lake is beautiful, even on windy days. People seemed to enjoy camping down by the water, but we chose a site farther away. It turned out to be a good thing, on windy days, we weren’t substantially affected by the wind. The daytime temperature here has ranged from 45 to 70, with 60 being pretty common. Perhaps not mid-Florida weather, but certainly comfortable for Michigan refugees.

IMG 1064

Lake Seminole

IMG 1069IMG 1072

Sites near the lake.

IMG 1118

The water behind our camper after a rainy night.

IMG 1156

It is the sunset of our visit to Eastbank, but we will return when we are able. Highly recommended!



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