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Tallahassee Museum

The Tallahassee Museum is an large outdoor village and zoo. The village contains a train caboose, a schoolhouse, a church, a plantation house, kitchen and slave house. There is also a farmhouse and surrounding out buildings. I found the construction on the farm interesting, since things were done much differently in the south. There was a zip line, for those so inclined.

We really enjoyed the wildlife portion, which has wildlife native to Florida. The exhibit of Birds of Prey was filled with hawks of various types. They did fly around some, but were mainly roosting. We never caught sight of the alligator, but saw deer, birds and the black bear. The river otters were hiding and napping, as they often do at the Detroit zoo.

We strained our eyes looking for the bobcat and couldn’t find it. I asked Papa, “Do bobcats climb trees?” and he didn’t think so. I noticed a sign in front of me that said, “Bobcats can often be found resting in trees”, and there was the cat. Can you see it in the crook of the tree?

IMG 1134

This is a Red Wolf. I had never seen one before, so that in itself made it worth the trip. He was soaking up some sun.

IMG 1131

The Florida Panther was behaving like any cat. He was laying in the sun and grooming himself, and never looked up at us!

IMG 1136

It was a great day, and we enjoyed the sun and exercise. Although it wasn’t a long walk, perhaps a mile or two, the ability to get out, walk and enjoy the mild weather is the main reason we are living in the South for a while this winter.

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