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Quiet Camping

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Sunset over Seminole Lake at Eastbank Campground

Our first stop is Eastbank Corp of Engineers Campground in Bainbridge, Georgia. We had reserved here in advance of the trip. For whatever reason, I get uncomfortable if I don’t know where we will park for the night, so we planned this trip to have a “home” almost every night. Since the COE campgrounds are not “for-profit” enterprises, the rates are low. Couple that with our Senior Pass and it is a very economical way to go. Eastbank turned out to be similar to other COE campgrounds we have visited. There are rest rooms with flush toilets, showers, and a small laundry room. The sites are electric (50/30) and water; no sewer. We chose a site close to the bathroom, hoping not to have to move the camper to dump during our stay. There is one washer and one dryer in the laundry, so I am doing either a white or dark load as needed, in the morning when I shower. The washer is generally finished when my shower is, and I check Facebook and email while the load dries. I am really glad for my “unlimited” ATT data and messages!

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We have seen a number of Michigan plates on the vehicles; Minnesota is also common. Since we arrived we have been walking at least two times a day, three on some days. My goal is to walk at least two miles a day, and we are beating that average. Although a two month trip may not be time enough for me to remedy the excesses of the past ten years, I am making an effort to move, move, move. Papa has been wonderful, walking with me morning, evening, and sometimes we even head out after lunch. It is pretty easy to watch my diet here, since we don’t have too much that is a no-no in the camper.

The funniest thing we have seen here is the phone.


IMG 1061IMG 1062

It resides in in a little shelter. We checked, and there was a dial tone. There was also a pile of phone books on the floor. Not sure where we might call from the phone, but it would certainly be helpful in a emergency if we didn’t have cell phones.

Driving to Eastbank from Tallahassee, you go north through Chattahoochee, Florida and cross the State line into Georgia. The address here is Bainbridge, GA, but Bainbridge is about forty minutes away. We have been exploring some of the nearby sights, more on that in a future post!



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