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Just a little Ride

We headed out a little over a week ago to pick up our camper in Southeastern Georgia, where we stored it after a New Year’s trip. Although there was a snowfall the day before we left, the roads were OK and pretty much clear and dry once we got south of Toledo. We arrived at mid-afternoon on the second day, and the greeting committee was right there to see if we had any treats.

IMG 1055

It was great to get back into our wonderful new toy, FR3.

IMG 0702

It took us several hours to get the (absolutely packed) car unloaded into FR. There is no network TV in the area where we were parked, so we missed the opening ceremony of the Olympics. We did get in several nice walks during our time there. We also met up with our good friend Norm, and enjoyed conversation while sharing a meal.

We are off on an almost two month trial run, living on the road. Although we will never be full-time RVers, we certainly do enjoy seeing the sights, going from place to place, and meeting new people. The big bonus is being out of the snow and cold Detroit is experiencing this year.


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