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The New Rain Barrels

ХудожникподаръциLast fall Papa and I collected a few rain barrels. We hoped to give the plants rain water as much as possible, and lower our water bill in the process.
rain barrelThis designer model was a Mother’s Day gift from D3 a few years back, and it has been getting a workout ever since it arrived.

Today, I used the new set-up to water all the tomato and pepper plants in the garden, and also give my rhubarb a drink.

The system I used was to fill up the two watering cans, and put the hose into a bucket while I headed off down the rows to do each plant. It took a while, but the plants were happy with the results!

When I finished in the garden, I gave each of my three rhubarb plants a bucket of water, then rolled up the hose. I then filled the watering cans from the valve on the barrels and and watered all my flowers.

While I was out back, Scotch was sitting in the window giving me a hard time. She likes attention, and seemed to be scolding me. I took a quick video of her complaining.

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