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The End of An Era

ХудожникThat seems profound, but it is all I have to describe what is happening here at Granny’s. As his Facebook friends know well, the count down is underway and Papa will retire soon. After today, there are exactly 8 days remaining in his career at Avon Automotive. When he started working there in December, 1977, the Company was known as Cadillac Rubber & Plastics. It was founded by former employees of B.F. Goodrich when that company left Cadillac, Michigan. Owners have come and gone, as have products and processes. He worked in three different arms of the company, and visited many more. Two weeks ago, cake and conversation at the Cadillac Plant marked the occasion.

The employees of the Detroit Sales Office honored him with a nice luncheon last week, and all three of our daughters and our son-in-law took time from their busy lives to attend. He was also honored and suprised to see some former co-workers there.

If you think that his co-workers don’t know a little about him, look at the cake:

IMG 1075

He sent the chocolate banjo home with D2 for our grandchildren to enjoy.

Here is a photo of him with the “old guard”, his Facebook post on this picture says there is over 175 years of experience in this picture.

IMG 1076

Just so you know that a little of his sense of humor was passed down to a daughter I won’t name here, here is the white board at the party before and after her adjustments.


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This is not the first major change around Granny’s in the past few years. About twelve years ago, I retired to a life of family, volunteering and genealogy. Several years ago our grandsons, who had lived here for a number of years, took flight on their life paths. Their mother, D1 left for a home closer to her place of employment. D3 also elected to move on for a place of her own.

We think everything will be fine here at the old ranch. In the past almost forty-four years, we have weathered a lot, and this seems like a nice change compared to some of them.

What will he be doing? We’ll see. Just a month ago, I was suprised to find that at least two people thought that Papa is a full time photographer. They were astonished to find that he had a life out from behind that camera. It is interesting how his persona as a photographer and lover of bluegrass music has taken over in the past few years. Beyond that, the basement workshop is getting a makeover. A new tool or two will probably make an appearance. I will be retiring from lawn mowing, and will be happy to have a little more help in the vegetable garden.

We are planning a visit to my cousins in New York, I went alone the last time and will be glad to have him with me. We will be at all the Michigan bluegrass festivals we can make this summer, and a few a bit farther away. I have some genealogical research to do in Ohio and Canada, maybe he will come with me, or maybe not. We are excited to think that we will be able to see a few more of our “little” grandchildren’s games and performances. Papa will be here instead of at work to enjoy their visits to our home. Most of all, we will be enjoying each other. After all, that is where we started all those years ago, together.

So, off we go into a new era!

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