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My little corner of the world is undergoing some changes. One of our daughters moved into an apartment last week, leaving an empty space in our home. I wiped up and swept up the rooms, and began moving books, magazines, and other items belonging to the genealogical society into the empty space. It was a struggle to get it all up the stairs, so I stopped when halfway done. Today, I will get the rest up those stairs.

It also appears that our other daughter will be taking an apartment soon, leaving us with an empty nest. Those who know me know that these daughters are beyond the age when most kids fly off, but we enjoyed having them with us. We will miss the day to day contact and conversation. All the cats will disappear from our lives, too. I will especially miss the cat that curls up in my lap each night. We will be waiting until the summer festival season is over before deciding if we will get our own cat or kitten. I know there are many awaiting adoption, it is just a matter of whether we will stay put enough to properly care for another family member.

I finally got started working on our little space by washing and painting one door. It needs another coat of paint today; later this week I will move on and do another door. I have decided to take every project a little at a time, so I will have a little variety in my days. I will probably start a project list, or perhaps two lists, one for inside and one for outside.

By this time last year, I had purchased plants and planted my flower pots. D3 helped with the process, since she has the green thumb. With her gone, and her sister headed off, too, I will be planting fewer pots. They need frequent watering, and I might not be able to keep them going when we take trips. Hanging baskets are out for sure, or at least in the numbers we have had in the past. Papa and I will shop for plants together this weekend, and find what pleases us both. My morning glories came up from last year’s seed, but not as thick as in the past. I am going to throw a little seed in there today.

We did get the vegetable garden planted last night. We planted peas, radishes, lettuce, spinach, rudabaga, cucumbers, green beans, cilantro, dill, parsnips, cabbage, broccoli, carrots, beets, zucchini, and some things I have forgotten. Papa put some popcorn and buttercup squash in one little corner of our garden. The rhubarb is looking great, we need to have pie this weekend, too. We will get tomato, cabbage, broccoli and pepper plants this weekend too. Yes, you saw cabbage and broccoli twice. I will buy just 4 plants each, and count on my seed to have more of the same later. We left space to transplant the plants that come up from seed, and some will replace the green beans and other early maturing plants.

Here it is, dark and empty looking right now.


And a closer look at the Raspberries and rhubarb.


Now, on to today’s adventures!

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