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Dailey & Vincent at the Ark

We ventured over to Ann Arbor last Thursday, July 8, 2010 to see Dailey & Vincent. As I anticipated, it was a high powered show: powerful vocals, powerful instrumentals, impressive stage presence, a truly great experience for the audience. Attention to detail, in singing and presentation, is the hallmark of a Dailey & Vincent performance. The Cracker Barrel Logo sat atop vertical pedestal displaying the band name, “Dailey & Vincent”; the background color matches the cover of the band’s current CD, available only at Cracker Barrel. Jamie Daily mentioned that the band’s relationship to Cracker Barrel is about to be extended to the bus. Watch for a rolling Cracker Barrel logo at a show near you!

We took our 11 year old grandson along, and he really enjoyed the show. He especially mentioned the “bass singer”, who could sing “real low”. The last time we saw D&V, Christian Davis was new to the group, and just settling in. He now seems to be a comfortable part of the group, adding a little humor to the act along with his great bass vocals.
d-v-ark-7-10 0030
Christian Davis

On the other end of the vocal range, Jamie Dailey is a finely tuned performer. Like a batter at the plate, he spreads his feet about shoulder width, stands straight and square, and belts it out. Darrin Vincent is one of the best harmony singer you will see out there, and also sings some great lead. Jeff Parker, and Joe Dean, Jr., add complementary vocals. Jesse Stockman plays the fiddle, Dean the banjo and guitar, Parker the mandolin and guitar. Dailey plays guitar, and played bass on one song, Vincent plays bass, but can play anything stage. He treated us to a tune on the archtop guitar during the show, it was much appreciated. Davis strummed a guitar on some selections, in what appears to the a concession to the bluegrass way. I really noticed no weakness in this group, the song selection, and the presentation.
d-v-ark-7-10 0011
L-R: Jesse Stockman, Jeff Parker, Jamie Dailey, Darrin Vincent, Christian Davis, Joe Dean, Jr.

I try to pick my favorite of Papa’s photos when I post about a group of photos, and it is always a challenge. Today, it is this one of Joe Dean.
d-v-ark-7-10 0023

You will want to see check out a Dailey and Vincent performance when they are in your area. The rest of Papa’s pictures are in the gallery.

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