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Berry Patch

D3 planted a small raspberry patch at the edge of the garden a few years ago. It is a lot of work, but we get quite a few berries from the bushes. They are looking strong this spring.


If you strain your eyes, you will see my cabbage and broccoli at the right. It is pretty happy in the cold wet weather. Go, cabbage go!

We like strawberries, but really don’t have room. D3 found this solution this year.

She purchased bigger plant with the strawberry row-marker, and it is doing quite well. We thought it was such a good idea, we bought some plants and planted them in the hanging baskets we save from year to year. Papa makes the row markers. He has tons, for many vegetables.

I wonder if we will have enough berries to do anything with? I might have to move my base of operations out to the patio and eat them as they ripen!

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Granny lives in the suburbs of Detroit, Michigan. I like genealogical research, gardening, cool weather, spending time with my family, and bluegrass music.


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