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Spring is the most beautiful time in Michigan, and also a time of much fun and work for gardeners. I am not a “real” gardener, but I do enjoy my flowers, and we get a lot of good out of our vegetable garden.

I started a few plants vegetable indoors this year, and now I am not sure that was the best idea. I do not really have room for them, or at least room for them away from the cats. They are hanging on, so perhaps I will have something out of them to plant. In this area, Memorial Day is the safe planting date for tender plants like peppers and tomatoes, but I will be setting cabbage and broccoli soon.

On the flower front, my daffodils are finished, but the tulips are really in their glory. I remember how hard it was for me to cut the sod out and add the border for the flower bed on the south side of the house. Finally GS2 helped with the last of the sod. I believe it was three or four years ago, and now the work is really beginning to pay off.


The tulips are wonderful this year, I believe it is their 3rd year, but it might be the second. The daisies are really set in good, and doing wonderfully. You can see it has been an early spring, the peonies are huge, I actually tied them up yesterday. A close look had me thinking of mother again.

moms flower

Long before the flower bed, she and S-dad went over to Holland (Michigan) for the Tulip Festival. They had a wonderful time, and she brought me a couple of bulbs back. They are fancy, not plain like I planted in bulk several years back. Last year I met to mark and move the bulbs to a spot farther away from the peonies, and forgot. This year for sure!

Tonight is the Steep Canyon Rangers/Steve Martin show at the Max Fisher Theater in Detroit. I am really excited about this show, hope it lives up to my expectations.

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