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Joe Mullins Presents the Southern Ohio Indoor Music Festival

Joe Mullins produces a wonderful music festival, in March and November of each year. The line-up features top bands and musicians, and the venue is also top-notch. Today I am featuring Summertown Road, which opened the show on Friday, March 26, 2010.

Summertown Road’s newest member, Zach Rambo is a good addition to the group. He can sing lead and harmony, and does a great job on mandolin. We will be looking forward to seeing him with the group in the future.

soohio 3-10 523
Zach Rambo

This is a band with no weak link. I always enjoy seeing Jack Hicks; it brings back good memories of him on stage with Conway Twitty, just a few year ago. Did I just tell my age?

soohio 3-10 507
Although Jack usually plays the banjo with Summertown road, he can play any of the instruments on stage, and probably some that are not there.

soohio 3-10 512
Here is Bo Elvis, aka Bo Isaac.

It is hard to get a good photo for the bass player in the back, but he came out front on a few this time!

soohio 3-10 518
Randy Thomas.

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