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Spring Has Sprung!

Papa and I took off last weekend, heading out to shake the cabin fever which has taken root around here. I think we were successful, I feel more energy and may actually get something done this week, if I continue like yesterday. Our first stop was Owens Community College, where we saw the Grascals. We last saw them at the Jekyll Island New Year’s Eve festival, in January. The show featured a few numbers from their upcoming CD that we had not previously heard. The Grascals do a tight stage show, with lots of smiles, with great presentation.

grascals 3-19-10 001

Of course, they also have good instrumentals, very good. We were able to pre-order their new CD, which is coming out on March 30th. At the attractive price of $9.99, that was a no-brainer. I also grabbed Kristin Scott Benson’s latest, it was missing from my collection. The Grascals are headed out on the Hank, Jr., Rowdy Friends Tour, in addition to their own busy schedule. It looks like a successful 2010 for the band. The rest of Papa’s pictures are posted on his site.

On Saturday, we drove on over to Kidron, Ohio to visit Lehman’s hardware. We have pursed the catalog and the website, but never actually seen the store. The store was bigger than life, and we had fun looking at all the available items. I did not buy one of each, but I wanted to!

DSC 1429 copy

We walked up the street and ate in a restaurant in the basement of a meat market, a wonderful lunch in a n on-tourist setting. On the way back I noticed the name on a building that serves as the Fire Department: Bixler. How the Bixler family of Kidron, Ohio is related to Papa’s great-grandmother, Elizabeth Bixler (1860-1935), is a puzzle for another day. We did get a good shot of the building to bring home.

DSC 1427 copy

Then, off to Mansfield, Ohio, home of the beautiful Renaissance Theater, to see Dr. Ralph Stanley and the Clinch Mountain Boys. Ralph is looking good, and singing well. He did a couple of Clawhammer tunes, always crowd favorites. Nathan (on guitar) is all grown up, no longer the little kid at the back of the stage with the spoons.

ralph stanley 3-20-10 021

It was nice to see Jimmy Cameron on bass and vocals, doing a fine job. The entire band did a fine job, and we really enjoyed the show.
ralph stanley 3-20-10 002

You can see the rest of the photos are on Papa’s site.

All good things come to an end, and we had to get back home to work on the yard and garden. Well, I slept a lot of Sunday, my allergies and sinus problems are a real problem this time of year. But Papa worked on the garden, and it looks like it is drying out pretty well.

We had a great time, a little taste of summer, and saw some great music!

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    Yep sounds like the perfect cure for cabin fever : )

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