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Wii Fit

I recognize that summer is my best time, and that the yard and garden are my first loves where exercise is concerned. I am really not too interested in, or excited by treadmills and exercise bikes. Because of that, it had become perfectly clear that I need more exercise. A lot more.

I always lose energy and quit on exercise programs, of course, I have excuses. One problem is my left knee; I tore the ACL in that years ago, and it has never been repaired. Another is the bunion on my left foot. Although I have one on my right foot, too, but it is not as severe. All of this, along with some age-related osteoporosis, makes walking something in a range from uncomfortable to walking pretty painful. I really know what stair railings are for, and running is out of the question.

The bottom line is, I really need to slim down and become more mobile. Sooo, a few weeks ago, I bought a Wii Fit. The darn thing looked really good on the table next to the TV. Then I realized it did no good there, and I finally started using it yesterday. My balance is horrible, the thing says. It also says I’m too fat and that my BMI is way too high. I knew all that, without having a little doll tell me so from the TV screen. I really loved how it weighed me and then puffed my Mii up 15 or 20 sizes. Booo.


I could choose from a male or female personal trainer, but the look the same to me. Well, almost the same. And they make the same movements, and their mouths are not really in time with the speeches that they are supposedly making.


I have used the several of the routines in the Wii Fit, and several in the Wii Fit Plus area. The little step routines in level one are fun, but the go only three minutes and it takes way too long to get through the menus and begin again. Three minutes won’t help me much right now.


I have settled on using the free step, but it only lets me do 30 minutes, so I have to reset it to get more time. D1 watched for a couple of minutes this morning, then said that it took her favorite thing, step aerobics, and turned it into torture. That is encouraging, right when I needed it.

I dragged out my pedometer, since I can input steps taken outside the game. Wish me luck, I’ll need it. More when the Mii slims down a little!

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Granny lives in the suburbs of Detroit, Michigan. I like genealogical research, gardening, cool weather, spending time with my family, and bluegrass music.


4 Responses to “Wii Fit”

  1. Apple says:

    Good luck! No Wii here, just old Richard Simmons tapes I should dig out. I use my feet and back as an excuse too often. This morning I did start to walk on my break and then blamed the cold when I quit too soon.
    .-= Apple´s last blog ..Annie Smith, Dec 14, 1909 =-.

  2. grannypam says:

    Any port in a storm, or any excuse when things get tough. I do think it is a little cold to walk outside, but my 87 year old mother-in-law walks up and down her driveway every day, as long as it is not slippery. I guess that is why she is 87.

    I will need to eliminate the excuses. I’ll need more motivation, hoping someone will send some in!

  3. tipper says:

    Good luck! We don’t have a wii-but I’ve seen folks play them-and they look fun. My best friend is a lawyer-and she was showing me how to play guitar hero-I said if your clients could only see you now : )
    .-= tipper´s last blog ..Pickin & Grinnin With Silver Wings =-.

  4. grannypam says:

    I have never played the guitar hero type games, but I do like some of the Wii games we have. The Wii Fit is interesting, we’ll see how much good it does lazy old me.

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