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Thoughts for a Monday

  1. I agree with Ron Thomason who once said, “It is hard to believe that only fifty percent of the people are below average”. For my part, in an average day I meet several people, and it seems like they are all below average.
  2. What is average anyway?
  3. Who let these people out on the street?
  4. Am I really that easily annoyed?

On a lighter side, it is snowy and cold here southeastern lower Michigan. I do not like the snow and the cold, and I like it less every year. I shoveled the drive anyway, it gives me some exercise.

We had a nice time at Winterfest down in Perrysburg last weekend. Papa got some nice pictures, here is my favorite:

perrysburg 10 255

This young man’s name is Chris, but Papa just calls him “little Stacy”. If you know his Dad, you know why. I heard that is grandpa got him that banjo, and that he can hold it up pretty well, and has started leaning a roll or two. He didn’t stay on stage very long, I believe the crowd was a little larger than he expected it to be.

I have a bunch of work to do, so that is all for today. Keep warm!

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