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City of Troy Recycling

I learned something today, and I wanted all my friends who live in the City to  know about it. I had some CFC bulbs to take to the recycling center. I called to get the phone number and found that the City pays a fee for each trip I make to the center to deposit hazardous waste. I had thought it was based on how many items I deposited, but find that is not the case.

I found a bigger container for my burned out CFC bulbs, and I will be making one trip this year to recycle them, not one trip a month. It will save the city money, provide correct handling for the bulbs, and save me some time and gas. Everyone wins. I may contact the neighbors and collect all their bulbs, too. One trip for several households would save more.

Now that I have learned something today, I will go back to bed. Well, I wish I could go back to bed, but I can not do so. I have to run a bunch of errands, and figure out how and where to get our prescriptions using on our new insurance. I have much more to learn today.

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