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Thinking About the Economy: A Reminder

Papa and I are happy to be here at Jekyll Island, on the Georgia coast, enjoying Adams and Anderson’s New Year’s Bluegrass Festival. Yes, it is a long drive, and yes it gets more difficult every year. But the warmer climate, the beach and the music make this trip among the most rewarding we take each year.

We followed, passed and were passed by this vehicle during our trip. You can enlarge the thumbnails by clicking on them. Check out the load on the top of the suv in the center lane; it had Michigan tags, and was a sobering sight.


Papa thought he saw furniture legs stinking out, all I saw was the kid’s bikes tied on the load.

moving 1

I hope someone was on vacation, rather than fleeing the poor Michigan economic conditions with what they could manage to take. Taken through our salty car window, this poor quality phone photo of this makes me think how lucky we have been.

moving 2

As you begin a new year, please remember that many people have been left behind, or on the edge. Remember them, and do what you can to help out in your neighborhood and beyond.

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