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A Facebook and genealogy society friend asked me about the doll castle. I met to post photos sooner, but time flies when you are having fun, and I been having fun lately. The doll house will be presented to it’s owner Sunday morning when the kids open their gifts.

This was really Papa’s project, so I helped with staining the furniture, but otherwise did nothing. Well, I did make a blanket for the bed this morning. This castle is for a very little girl, and it does not have lights, or curtains, or things like that. But it has four patios on the roof, and is painted in bright kid colors. D3 has purchased dishes, pots and other accessories like that for it. They are probably all wrapped up right now.

Here is the completed project, for those who asked. Everything is a thumbnail, click if you want to see a larger version.

This is one wing and the center; it is symmetrical, the other side looks the same.
dh outside

This shows the little table Papa built for the castle to live on. Note the lovely green grass, which won’t require mowing!

These items need to be glued to the walls, maybe tonight.
unglued accessories

Bath, kitchen.
dh bath kitchen

I know the blanket does not match. The world is not perfect!
dh bedroom

Kitchen, again.
dh kitchen

dh pink room

dh sitting room

dh white room

Not perfect, but you can see all six rooms in this one. All the “patios” look just like the one shown.


Since GD2 wrote a letter to Santa and asked for a doll house, we think this will be a big hit. Perhaps the last of the magic before a little girl grows into a kid.

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