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After a Long Wait

You may have been following all my good news on Facebook, but if not, the short course follows. GS1 has been in Japan for quite a spell, he is stationed there with the US Navy. We spent the last two Christmas seasons worrying and missing him. GS2 graduated in June, and left in September Infantry training with the US Army at Ft. Benning Georgia. We were able to travel to Georgia and have a very nice Thanksgiving with him. It was calming to see how well he was doing.

D1 left out of here on Monday with GS1’s girlfriend in tow, and they headed for the airport, where they met GS1, who will be on leave for a couple of weeks. The three drove directly to Columbus, Georgia, where GS2’s “Turning Blue” ceremony occurred on Wednesday. Here is a photo D1 sent of GS1 and GF from the ceremony.

+andy beth

Here is a quick view of the new Infantryman. Any mother or grandmother would recognize their soldier immediately, but for the rest of you ours is the third one back in the third column from the left.


The best part is that the infantry graduation was today, has ended, and the whole crew are on the way back home. Friday, D2 and family will arrive, and Saturday D3’s honey will arrive, and he is bringing Step-dad. My whole family will be here for the weekend, for the first time in several years, we will celebrate this holy season together.

We will be able to have everyone at M-in-L’s for Christmas Eve, that is a first in quite a while. I will be taking a little break from worrying, and try to enjoy these good times.

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  1. Have a very happy Christmas with all your family. Nothing like having everyone together!

  2. grannypam says:

    Thanks so much, Diane!

  3. Apple says:

    Enjoy having everyone together! It’s a wonderful gift to have everyone together.
    .-= AppleĀ“s last blog ..Weekly Rewind =-.

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