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Missing, But in Action!

I feel as if I have been busy, but I can not tell exactly if anything is done. Papa and I made a flying trip to Georgia last week. This time last week, we were fresh off a wonderful Valerie Smith and Liberty Pike show in Maumee, Ohio and headed for Knoxville. Valerie and the band did a wonderful show, and we enjoyed every minute. You can see more about it on Papa’s site.

We settled in our Knoxville hotel, and Papa noticed that the Leadbetters were playing a gig just across the street in a couple of hours. We were in the right place at the right time! Papa did not take his camera out of the car, but he did take me with him. We met up with some friends, ate a nice dinner, and saw a couple of killer sets. Paul Brewster was the guest vocalist with the Leadbetters that evening. I am such a sucker, I bought Paul’s CD.

Wednesday we headed for Columbus, Georgia, met our daughter’s plane, and zeroed in on a weekend with GS2, who is taking combined basic and advanced infantry training at Fort Benning. It was a short, but pleasant, visit. In two short weeks he will graduate from the training.

DSC 5178 edited-1

Yes, he is taller than I am.

A highlight of the weekend was the tour of the National Infantry Museum at Fort Benning. GS2 had visited previously, so he was able to show us around. It is a very impressive museum highlighting the infantry’s role in many major battles. The showcase exhibit, which is titled, “The Last 100 Yards”, is impressive and sobering.

There was also an area honoring all Metal of Honor winners in the lobby. Papa looked until he found “the gun”. It is a WW I rifle that his father handed down to him. I had almost given up, and then we rounded a corner, and Papa said, “There it is.” So, here it is:
DSC 5175 edited-1

I highly recommend this museum, take the time to see if if you are in or near Columbus Georgia.

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