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Brighter, Not Better

We really needed light bulbs in the bathroom, so I shuffled through threes sets of shelves in the basement. No luck on the bulbs, but I did fine a few other things. Then I came back up and I added the light bulbs to my list.

On our last shopping trip, we purchased the bulbs, and I put them on the dining room table. Several days later, I finally opened the package, and headed to the bathroom. I found that the bulbs we had purchased were a little smaller than the current residents of the sockets, but just ignored that fact and installed two of the new ones. Wow! It sure brightened up the surroundings. I had to clean the obviously dirty mirror, and the wall between the sink and the mirror, and the back of the toilet, and the scale…. OK, whatever, I thought.

Less than an hour later, D3 commented how much she liked the new bulbs. I guess if everyone else is happy, I am happy.

I was just out of the shower this morning when I noticed how dirty the tub was. Now, dirty is relative, and we are not as dirty as we used to be. There are no little kids living here to bring in black dirt or sand. We do not even have football players anymore. I always knew football season, when our older grandsons came home with little pieces of black rubber embedded in themselves and everything they owned. Those little bits are used under the “rugs” that are installed on football fields. They (the bits, not the rugs) really look nice on white ceramic bathroom tile floors, embedded in white socks, on light-colored sinks, in dryer vent screens, in washer vent screens…I guess they go with every decor.

Anyway, this morning I could actually see the tub as I exited and I noticed a little soap scum on the tub. So I scrubbed the tub, the shower walls, the sink, the toilet, the floor, and washed the screen from the window. I really do not know how to do just one part of a room, and that is not always an advantage. For now, I’m going to screw a couple of those bulbs out….

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