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I have been absent, I know that. Last week, while I was counting my chickens and getting organized to head out to a fine music event in Ohio, Papa had a little medical problem. He spent a couple of days in a hospital, and I spend some time there with him. Things smoothed out, and now he is back home, and he says, “Ornery as ever”. I was able to find someone to use our tickets, and she called last night with a report. It was nice to hear what a wonderful time they had at Joe Mullins Southern Ohio Indoor Music Festival. I understand it was well attended, and lived up to all expectations. Joe really has a wonderful thing going down in Wilmington. Hopefully, we will be there in March.

I am taking inventory of the rest of the year, and wondering how things will go. We have no indication we will need to change any more of our plans, so I am figuring out how we’ll get it all done! We will be taking GS3 for a weekend up north soon, and Papa is planning a little hunting with him. Papa does not hunt much anymore, but since GS is interested, it seems like more fun.

Valerie Smith and Liberty Pike will be making a stop at the Maumee Indoor Theater next Monday, November 23, 2009, and we are looking forward to seeing the band again. It will be a treat to see Rebekah with the band, the last time we saw here she was playing with Lizzy.

We are also looking forward to eating Thanksgiving dinner with GS2 at Fort Benning soon. It will be good to see him, and see how his is doing; letters and phone calls are not the same as a real visit. After that, it is all downhill to Christmas. We are looking forward to this year, for a couple of reasons. If thing work out as we expect, both GS1 and GS2 will be home for Christmas. It will be the first time in three years, and a real treat. And, there is the anticipation of GD2 and the doll house.

To end the year and start a new one, we are hoping to make the Larkin’s Christmas show in Pigeon Forge, and Adams And Anderson’s fine Jekyll Island New Years event.

Now, it is back to reality. Monday, some wash and some cleaning, perhaps a little writing and genealogy. It really is all downhill from here.

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