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Wow, Friday!

It is Friday, the day I straighten up, vacuum, wash, and get ready for the weekend. It seems like I was just thinking, “It is Monday, the day I straighten up, vacuum, wash, and get ready for the week.” I guess that is why the life of a housekeeper seems boring to those who have never done it on a full time basis.

Right here and right now, I have been so busy I haven’t finished everything I intended to. That is not all that unusual. I spent quite a bit of time thinking of how to format and present a huge pile of land record extracts and transcripts over on Granny’s Genealogy. After I finally figured out what I wanted to do, I organized the first group and started in. It is going to be slow going, but a good winter project.

The house if pretty neat, so the vacuuming will be quick. I have to do it early, but I try to wait until everyone is out of bed, seems rude to make noise when people need sleep.

It has come to my attention that Summertown Road will be appearing at the Huron Valley Eagles tomorrow night. How did I find out? It is pretty interesting. After a few months of looking over my shoulder to see photos of our “little” grandchildren that our daughter had posted, Papa joined Facebook. Although it was the kids that got him in there, it is the guys and gals that keep him checking in. Two nights ago, Papa said, “Don Rigsby is going to be at the Eagles Saturday night”. Don is a tenor singer extraordinaire. Unfortunately, two members of Don’s band are fighting cancer, and it is tough times for Don and the guys. If you have a moment, remember Dale and Gerald in your prayers, they sure need them. Thank you.

We last saw Don at IBMA, in a late-night showcase, and again during the Sunday morning singing. He was also filling in with Summertown Road, John Rigsby had unexpectedly left the band just before IBMA week. Back to the Eagles, yesterday I checked their site, and figured out what is going on. Summertown Road is scheduled at the Eagles tomorrow. This is a band worth seeing for a number of reasons. In my book, reason number one is Jack Hicks. Jack has played a little music; we first saw him on fiddle with Conway Twitty. He is doing a great job handling the banjo with Summertown Road, Reason number two, Bo Isaac, that guy can belt ’em out. With Don on stage with them, it is going to be an entertaining night. Here is a small sample of that banjer.

Hope to see you there!

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  1. tipper says:

    Yep-I agree time goes by too fast! Hope you guys enjoyed the show : )
    .-= tipperĀ“s last blog ..Spooky October 7: A Mother’s Love Defied The Bonds Of Death =-.

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