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What Did We Do Before Curbside Recycling?

I remember when I lived up north, in a rural area. It was tough to recycle, real tough. We had to save everything, and wait for the Saturday the recycling center was open. On the appropriate day, we would load up the car/truck, and drive to the appointed place. everything had to be deposited in a certain place. In those days we could recycle plain glass, milk jugs and newspaper. Oh yes, and tin cans, with both ends and labels removed, and then we stepped on them to flatten them out.

These days the recycling truck comes by every week, on garbage day. We can recycle much of what used to be “garbage”. Any metal, plastic or paper, or cardboard packaging can be recycled. The smaller pieces of paper go into a paper bag, the shredded paper in a clear plastic bag. We bundle up the cardboard, newspaper, magazines and bags using twine or duct tape to hold it together. The whole works goes into the bin, I actually have two bins.

Plastic grocery bags have to be carried to the recycling center, as do pieces of metal that are too big for the bin. I keep a bag near my desk, and we put all the packaging, scrap paper and small advertisements into that. On garbage day, I just put it into the bin.

The other day I was carrying these things from the kitchen out to the bin, and that is when I realized how different everything is now. We are able to recycle much of the packaging that enters our household.
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I hope you are able to do the same where you live. If not, I hope you will work with your local community to be able to do so.

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  1. Apple says:

    It was great when we lived in town and had curbside service for both trash and recyclables. Now we have to take everything to a transfer station but it’s open 5 days a week. I was upset when I moved here that most of my neighbors had burn barrels. They finally have made that illegal – not that that will stop them. We actually recycle more than we put in the trash.
    .-= AppleĀ“s last blog ..Wordless Wednesday – Autumn Cemetery Stroll =-.

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