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I feel like this little doll I posted a while back:


It is not that there is too much to do, it is that everything is taking longer than I expect. I’m plugging away. What is on the menu?

I have a few doctor and dentist appointments, nothing overwhelming. A few meetings, and some volunteer work I keep trying to do more on. I’ve been lazy about that this past week. Genealogy Society month-end reports, a usually routine task.

On November 13 and 14 Joe Mullins will present his great show, the Southern Ohio Indoor Music Festival. The November, 2009 version of the festival features the usual all-star line-up. I just checked the on-line ticket sales, and they look like they are brisk. That reminds me of how we got our tickets. The first day of ticket sales fell on a weekend we were visiting M-in-L, and she does not have internet. I can dial up there, but that just isn’t feasible for something like a ticket sale site. Since ATT Wi-Fi is included with our U-verse TV and internet service, I headed off the Golden Arches with my laptop. The connection was down and I could not connect. The help desk did not help. Bummer! But, I was the luckiest dog on earth, I had just purchased a breakfast for D3, the proud owner of an iPhone. She hit the site, and bought the tickets in the blink of an eye. The phone had internet even in the sparsely populated area where we used to live.

One weekend during deer season, Papa and I are taking GS3 up to M-in-L’s home so he can hunt. He is not officially old enough to tote a gun, and he has not had hunter safety yet. But he can accompany Papa, that is perfectly legal. He seems to be interested in hunting so that is a priority for us. There would normally be hunting on Thanksgiving weekend, but we won’t make it up there on Thanksgiving for the first time in memory.

Which leads me to the most exciting thing this fall. which is our planned trip to Fort Benning, Georgia to see GS2 on Thanksgiving! When GS1 was in basic in the Navy, we did not see him on either Thanksgiving or Christmas. Those were difficult times. We are grateful for the opportunity to eat Thanksgiving Dinner on the base. I understand that he will be able to spend a day or so with his family and return to the base on Saturday. His graduation from training will be just before Christmas, and he is hoping to be home for a little visit then.

Way back in 1969, Papa was stationed on Fort Benning, and we lived in an apartment in Columbus for several months. On that Thanksgiving 40 years ago, we drove all the way home to M-in-L’s house, about a 15 hour drive. It will be a little shorter from here to Ft. Benning, more like 13 hours. We are going to drive it in two days, starting on Tuesday, and are hoping to arrive in time to meet D1’s plane. She is flying, she absolutely needs to be a work as much as possible.

After that trip, it will be all downhill till Christmas, which is coming up soon. Back to my to-do list, I do need to do something!

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