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When Papa and I were in Vine Grove, Kentucky, we made a few little side trips. Since we had towed the car, we were not restricted to staying at the campground all the time.

We went to an antique shop, something I should never do. My little house is pretty well filled up the “stuff”, and I do not need anything. I guess need didn’t come into it when I saw these:


Whether or not these are antiques would depend on your viewpoint. My Mother had a set of these in the 50’s, that is the 1950’s! The difference between this set and Mom’s was that the lettering on Mom’s lids was in white. You can hardly make out the lettering the the photo, but they say, Cookies, Flour, Sugar, Coffee, Tea. It doesn’t seem like the lettering on this set was ever white.

I debated for a long time, and finally picked the darn things up, with Papa’s help. When we had them all set on the counter, I said, something like, “This is frivolous.” The clerk said, “What?” I repeated myself. As she wrote the sale up, she ask where we were from. When I said, Detroit, she replied that she knew we weren’t from around there. I guess my accent, or lack thereof, gave us away!

I have one of the big ones on the counter near the stove holding spatulas, spoons and things like that. I had to find a home for the unused lid, and it was not easy. The others are lined up on the counter, but only two hold anything, and that is tea bags. I really don’t need the canisters, they were, and are, FRIVOLOUS. I won’t be going into any antique shops again soon.

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  1. Apple says:

    LOL – But frivolous is fun!
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