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I was at a garage sale in the early spring a couple of years ago, and found some wonderful pillows. Before I knew it, they were in my van. When I got home, I wasn’t sure what to do with them, so I stowed them away in my back storage area.

When we were ready to go camping that year, I realized that the “little kids” had grown a lot, and sleeping arrangements needed to be made. Our camper is a two person thing, the dinette didn’t make into a bed till Papa figured out how to do it. GS3 had been sleeping on that.

Here is how I made mattresses out of those old pillows for the girls. Papa cut a board to put between the driver’s and passenger’s seats. I got out those pillows and washed them, then sewed two together. Since I had four pillows, that made two “mattresses”.

Then I made some covers out of flannel for each set. I just cut it as long as the pillows, and sewed the bottom and sides together to make a big pillow case.
Put them in:
Sewed up the ends:
And we were ready for camping!

The girls have grown quite big, but they still work fine.

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