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Village People

Our favorite place is Greenfield Village. GD1 considers “Grandma’s village” her personal territory. She has always liked the bus and the Model T’s the best, but other things interest her, too.

While we were getting ready to head down there, she told me that a person in the next subdivision had a Model T in his driveway. That made an impression on her. Apparently GS3 saw it when he was selling his Boy Scout popcorn. In the future, the way to her heart might be by car!

We usually head directly for the Carousel ride when we hit the village, but this time we rode the train almost all the way around, and got off at Smith’s Creek Depot. We walked down to the farm, somewhere I wanted to go. The girls checked out the wood stove, and the games in the parlor. After that we headed down through the cellar and out to the barn.

GD2 thought the pigs were pretty big. I guess it is about time to butcher the hogs, but I didn’t get into that with her. We headed back around to the Liberty Craft Works area and toured the gristmill, the sawmill, the pottery shop and the weaving shop. The girls seemed pretty interested and attentive to what the presenters said, that is really a first in my experience with them at the Village.

Lunch was at the Taste of History restaurant, where both girls had a hot dog and mashed potatoes and gravy. You can’t get that at home!

We made sure to get our carousel ride before we left.

10-09 girls visit 20

We rode the horse and wagon back up to the front, and headed into the Michigan Cafe for a dish of ice cream. Then it was time for the girls to head back home, so we drove over to meet their Mom, who took them home.

It was a great weekend, and we did a little of everything!

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  1. tipper says:

    Sounds like fun! I see the mittens and hats are already in use up there.
    .-= tipperĀ“s last blog ..The Deep River Ghost – Spooky October 3 =-.

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