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Weekend Visit, What Else?

The girls visited last weekend. Early Saturday morning, they hauled out the paper dolls. Those dolls were purchased and delivered by my Mother several years ago. She sure had the right thing, they are well loved and have lasted through many visits.

I don’t get the hat either, but she wore it to bed both nights.

Papa did not want to sit around all weekend and watch me sew, go figure. He suggest a trip to the local cider mill. It has been pretty chilly, so we waited till early afternoon when it was as warm as it would get. The place we chose was typical, big crowds and several ways to spend your money. We started with the pony ride.

We had some cider and donuts. Notice the lovely pop beads decorating the necks and wrists of these lovely ladies. I thought of them a few years ago when GD1 was visiting. It took an eon to find them. Although they were a staple of my childhood, it has since been discovered that they are small enough to chew and swallow. Funny in a strange sort of way. I used to have to keep them put up, and supervise carefully. These days, I don’t worry so much. The girls always drag them out, and often travel all over town with them on. I wonder how many times we have picked them up off the floor? Many.
cider donuts2

We took the rest of the cider an donuts back home to enjoy the rest of the weekend. The second day of the visit was fun too, check back tomorrow to find out what we did.

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