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Take a Little Time

Papa and I spent the weekend entertaining our two little granddaughters. They grow up so fast, and we live far enough apart that we don’t see them often enough. This year is little GD2’s first year in school, so I can no longer drop everything and retrieve her for a visit. We made up for it by packing way to much into one little weekend.

GD1 needed a few pairs of pants for school. She can be a little hard to please, but it is important to feel comfortable, don’t you think? I sorted out appropriate fabric from my stash, and she evaluated it, selecting pieces she liked. The next step was to choose the right color thread. Yes, I had that.

Here are the results before we packed them away for the trip home.
new pants2

D2 said something about the sewing sweat shop when we met her to return the girls, but I really do enjoy sewing. It is much easier to make something for someone who is available to try things on, than to guess and get the adjustments wrong. The patterns really need a lot of adjustment to fit this skinny little girl, I had to take four inches out of the pattern, and add two inches to the length. She seemed comfortable with the results, and that is what matters.

That was not all we did during the weekend, check back tomorrow for more!

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3 Responses to “Take a Little Time”

  1. Apple says:

    I like to sew but I certainly am not as quick as you!
    .-= AppleĀ“s last blog ..Breast Cancer Awareness – Florence =-.

  2. Monica says:

    They are getting so big!!! Not babies anymore.

  3. grannypam says:

    Monica, I believe we have long passed through the baby stage. Sad, but true, since we all love babies so much. Apple, I worked at a a couple of sewing factories in my long ago past. I learned enough to be pretty dangerous with a sewing machine. Whenever I can get back to the machine, I remember how much I missed sewing in the interim. Funny I don’t sew more…

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