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Check out the Glass City Opry

On Monday evening, there will be a great show at the Glass City Opry, where David Davis and the Warrior River Boys will appear at 7 p.m.

Dave and the boys played an official showcase at IBMA on Tuesday, September 29. The showcases are short and sweet, but Dave got a bunch of music into his part of the show.
ibma tue 09 022

They also appeared in the Rebel Records after hours showcase.
ibma tue 09 050

The guys are, L-R, Owen Saunders, Robert Montgomery, Marty Hays, David Davis, and Adam Duke. There are a lot more photos of IBMA week over on Papa’s picture site.

The Glass City Opry is a wonderful venue, a great theater with soft seats, and this promises to be a great traditional show of Dave Davis music.

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