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This has to have been the shortest week on record in my entire live.  I just gave the house a lick and a promise, went to one meeting, and it is almost Friday.

To be fair, most of Monday was lost in exhaustion, and cleaning out the camper.  Tuesday I don’t remember, but I am sure I was productive.  Right.  Now I remember, laundry and cleaning. Wednesday was finishing the laundry, finishing the cleaning, and looking for the van key.

After I found out the price of a new one, and also that the van had to be at the dealer to have a key made; I looked harder to find the one I have, and I finally did.  I had a new one made for a pretty penny, and I won’t be losing it.

Today I looked around and realized that I had one day to make some PJ’s for GD1 and get ready to go retrieve GD2 for a weekend visit.  I will get to the sewing in a minute, but for now, take a look at this 11 year old girl (and watch three-time IBMA female vocalist of the year Dale Ann Bradley grin):

We saw her at IBMA singing this song at kids on Bluegrass.  She had a guitar, and had no problems singing and playing.  It is not unusual to see extremely talented children at IBMA, but this one really has a gift.  I believe Jeannie C. Riley was 14 when she sang Harper Valley PTA, but I know someone will be happy to correct me if I missed her age by a little.  Little Sierra told our friend MaryE that she was 11, the emcee had said 9.  In any event, even if she were 14, this is some singing.

Remember the name:  Sierra Ivie.  Check out her CD on CD Baby.

OK, that is one thing, I’m on to the next one.

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