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Back in the Saddle Again

We are back home from our long, fun, interesting vacation. We were in Kentucky and Tennessee, but we are back in reality now! We arrived later than we had hoped too, but all in one piece.

After I took everything we own took almost everything we own made about 30 trips bringing things to the house out of the camper, I cleaned and vacummed it out, and Papa backed it into it’s spot for the winter. Papa took all the lawn chairs and tables out of his car, then we emptied the laundry and empty cans out of the car and came inside. The house looked like the camper had burped into it, so I started putting things away. The worst part is the duplicate condiments we keep in the camper fridge all summer. We have two of everything in the house fridge now, ketchup, mustard, hot peppers, salad dressing, everything.

Went through the mail, hauled the laundry to the basement, cleaned the side room and garage. Cleaned the bedroom, and put most of what goes in the kitchen away. I’m looking for my van key. It is the second one I have lost since mid-summer, and right now I have 0 keys to the van, which is parked in the garage. I had the key in my hand just before we left, because I parked the van in the garage, but I have no idea where it is. I have to find it today, but I don’t know where else to look. D1 said she knew how I could find it, by getting one made. All trails are pointing toward the nearest dealer.

I have some letters to answer, some accounting to do, some cleaning to do, and some other tasks which may not be as much fun. I hope I get them all done before dinner time!

One tidbit from the trip, we attended the 20th annual IBMA Awards Show on Thursday night at the Rhyman Auditorium. Kellie grabbed Bill’s camera and took a picture of us. He never changes, and still looks younger than me!

b p ibma small

I can’t post the one of Kellie and I, my right eye is almost completely closed. That one but she put a good one on Facebook, you can check us out there. I owe her a great big thanks, she let us change in her room, saving a round trip to the camper in the late afternoon. We appreciated it. She also loaned me some jewelry, I had left mine at the camper.

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    Great picture of you two!
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